the grape house




California Connoisseur (7.5L)  5 weeks

Cheeky Monkey (10L) 5 weeks   

Legacy (16L) 8 weeks

Craft Showcase (grape skins) (18L) 8 weeks 

Niagara Mist Fruit Wine (7.5L) 5 weeks

 Island Mist (7.5L) 5 weeks

Selection (16L) 8 weeks

World Vineyard (10L) 5 weeks

Eclipse (crushed grape) (18L) 8 weeks 

KenRidge Classic (10L) 5 weeks  

Atmosphere (16L) 8 weeks     

Port and Ice Wine (12L) 6 weeks

*All batches yield approx. 30 bottles of wine (bring our own bottles or purchase our bottles at $1.00 per bottle
*Four week wines range from 5.5L to 10L of juice to water concentrate (11-13% alcohol)
*Six week wines range from 16L-18L of juice to water concentrate (12-15% alcohol)
*The prices include corks, labels and taxes
*Half batches now available... Call for details